About Rachel Goble Photography

Welcome to Rachel Carey Photography – my collection of travel, portrait and formal photography. I spend my time between California and Thailand with my husband and pup, enjoying friends and adventures in between. To learn about what I do full time with The SOLD Project, please visit our website here or read more below.


I grew up all over the bay area, hopping between a ranch, a once-haunted-house, and a gated community. My parents liked to balance our suburbia life with outings in the jungles of Belize with SURVIVOR style adventures where we slept with bugs, woke up to howler monkeys, showered in the river, and became fanatic environmentalists.

College took me to Westmont in Santa Barbara where I pursued my BA in Business/Economics, galloped around Australia and New Zealand studying art, and found my passion for photography. Next, I attended Fuller Seminary where I received my Masters in CrossCultural Studies with my concentration in Children at Risk.

In 2008 I came on board with The SOLD Project as their executive director, and in 2010 I moved to Chiang Rai, Thailand to develop our ground work, The FREEDOM Project.

I run my photography business, Rachel Carey Photography, on the side. My camera is always with me: from weddings to portraits to the rice patties of Thailand.

I am married to my best friend, Kevin, a freelance writer and musician.